Privacy Policy

This privacy policy statement includes details and information about user privacy, and what we collect as personal information when you interact with our website, post a comment, or use any other function.

WriteTip is a website that uses this privacy policy page to make things easy to understand for users, so, everyone can see how the web works and what he can do to accept or reject the terms.

Usage of cookies

We use cookies like any other website on the web to save static site files to improve the performance and loading time. So, when someone visits the site the first time, and he browses another page, the site becomes faster as there are few files saved in the web browser, for example, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

These small sizes of files are used by Google and all other companies to improve the user experience and make the web better. The visitor or reader of our website can disable cookies anytime he wants; he can simply go to the web browser settings and disable cookies or remove them from the cache if he/she wishes.

Personal information

We don’t collect details like names or other things, we simply use Google Analytics to see where our users come from. That will add the name of a country and the web browser, and we don’t collect IP addresses, etc.

When the reader uses the contact page, we’ll collect his IP address in that case, and we’ll save his name and email in a secure folder to contact him back when needed.

This website does not and will not sell your personal details to anyone, we just use this data to improve the site performance, or to contact you if you asked questions or need help.

If you read our articles and guides, you’ll find external links to other websites. So, we’re not responsible for these third-party websites, and we only mention them if they have good content that can help our users to understand a topic better.

So, these sites or blogs may have different privacy policies and terms of service, and so, is not responsible for their actions, or cookie usage, and we make sure that they’re trusted and secure sites from the beginning.

Security of the site

We use advanced web server security systems and measurements to make the user experience better and safer, and of course, we verify the minimum security settings of the web browser to protect our website from online threats. Thus, your web browser is completely protected and secured when you visit our site.

How to contact us?

You can get in touch using the contact page, then, we’ll reply as soon as possible.