Best Microsoft Word Grammar Check Add-on

There are many grammar check tools on the web, but only one is the best. By using a trusted and professional Microsoft Word grammar check Add-on, you’ll make writing more accessible, better, and even faster. For that reason, I’ll show you today the best writing corrector for Word that comes with spell check on Facebook, social media, web browsers, also proofreading, punctuation check, and more.

Complete grammar check for MS Word

Grammarly is a great grammar correction and also a spell check software. The tool integrates automatically into your web browser and checks your online writing. That includes social media sites and email accounts like Gail, Yahoo, and others.

Grammarly is the most popular software for grammar, spell check, and proofreading among students, and professional writers. Additionally, it’s the number one recommended tool for many universities across the US and the world. The reason for that is the level of check that the software offers.

In reality, Grammarly works faster, and it provides accurate spell checks and editing. Furthermore, it comes with lots of options such as the plagiarism check, sentence corrector, and more.

Because it’s advanced software, Grammarly checks for comma splices, punctuations, complete sentences, grammar, and more. Unlike other options that are available online, this is a professional grammar check solution that fixes issues while typing on Instagram, Snapchat, and not only editing programs. So, it makes sense to use its pro version because it comes with more complicated grammar corrections, complex sentence structure, and higher levels of text scan.

Now, if you think that checking grammar in Word is enabled by default in MS Office, then, think again. The default grammar check in MS Office misses most of the complex issues. And by skipping what Grammarly finds as writing problems, it won’t be an excellent way to compete with others who use the tool and write better sentences, essays, and papers.

How does the Word grammar check work?

Adding Grammarly to Word is easy, and you don’t need any complicated installs or configurations. That’s because the company offers an Add-in for Microsoft Office that’s well-coded and works faster. Indeed, the first step is to create your Grammarly account for free.

Then, if you want, you can upgrade to the premium account to get the full list of features and more checkpoints. For example, you get a premium quality proofreading and plagiarism check.

Next, you can download the add-in and then enable the tool from the top right corner. Now, everything will work, and you can just start writing in Word or adding your text by copying and pasting. But first, make sure to choose the editing category that you need. That includes different checking types like General, Medical, Business, Casual, and more.

Grammarly on MS Word

In addition to the above details about the Grammarly add-in for Word, there is another important thing to mention here. We’re in a world where people can copy your content and post it on their sites and blogs. The same things happen every day; you may find yourself using someone else’s phrase accidentally.

So, it’s recommended to have a good MS Office plagiarism add-on. However, you don’t have to look elsewhere if you have Grammarly. The tool detects plagiarism directly from your document. And that’s what can make you wring stand out from others.

It’s even more helpful for students who need plagiarism-free essays, and when teachers see that their work was already there on the web, it’s not a comfortable situation for everyone. But once you install this good app, then, spelling and grammar checks in your Word editor will be faster, more accurate, and more comfortable.

Fix your grammar in Microsoft Word

The Microsoft Word grammar check software works by scanning your entire document for every single mistake you made. Then, it compares the words with the ones in the huge database. Finally, it suggests the right corrections. So, it’s a complete tool that lets you check for grammar mistakes and correct your sentence structure.

Compared to other tools such as Ginger, Grammarly is faster and more accurate for Microsoft Office tools, Google Chrome browser, and others. When you enable the grammar check in Word, the app works in the background and in real-time. So, when you start typing words, it checks the sentences for issues and helps you to fix them with one click.

Also, it lets you check for vocabulary errors, and spelling mistakes, and finds missing or wrong punctuation.

Grammarly is the most accurate grammar tool that you can use with Microsoft Office, including Word, and others. Also, you can use it for Outlook, and all the websites. In other words, it’s an online grammar tool that works in real-time by scanning the text while you write.

Grammarly plugin in Word

The software comes with a great punctuation checker. So, you can check your document for missing and, wrong punctuation and even, get suggestions and explanations.

On the other hand, the Grammarly plugin for Word works better than any other application you can find on the web. The quality is better, and the software is optimized for better processor speed and performance. Thus, you’ll be able to correct your grammar mistakes, without even slowing down your computer.

Of course, the tool works for the different Windows OS versions without problems. Also, you can use it online with your private account of Grammarly’s editor tool.


In conclusion, Grammarly is the recommended grammar check Add-on for Microsoft Word that checks for different levels of writing problems and also corrects spelling errors. It’s a lightweight tool that integrates well into the OS and works better. The software comes with different levels of checking, and that will save you lots of time and effort. When you test the free version of the app, make sure you upgrade. It’s better all the way.

The software works for Windows computers. But also, you can install it on Mac as well. If you have only a Mac, you can use the online editor. It’s your account where you can check for writing mistakes online and for free. You can copy and paste any text, and then, correct the mistakes and get the final copy using it free of grammatical errors.

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