How to write faster and better on your keyboard

How to Write Faster and Better on your Keyboard

Writing is a personal experience with each creative having a process that works ideally for them in producing a specific result. Some people initially need paper and a pen to create an outline before heading to the laptop.  Others will start free-flowing after reading about the subject from varied resources. And more will follow a … Read this

Is Grammarly premium worth it

Is Grammarly Premium Worth it in 2023?

We’re in 2023, and there are lots of Grammar and editing tools. But is paying for Grammarly premium worth it, especially for writers, bloggers, and students? And what are the differences between the free and the premium version of Grammarly? So, keep reading. I’ll show you if the software is worth paying for and what … Read this

Comma punctuation checker

Best Comma Punctuation Checker and Corrector Tool

Do you have issues checking your sentences for commas, punctuation, and grammar at once? And you need accurate software that checks your text and helps you fix these problems fast? So, read this guide. There is a solution to scan your text for correct comma usage and punctuation while you’re typing. Writing a great document takes … Read this

Best proofreading software

Best Proofreading Software in 2023

The best proofreading software is not always easy to find and test online these days. There are many options, services, tools, and information. For that reason, we’re going to show you the right tool to proofread your text using good software for English. The new world of writing becomes based on quality first. Also, the popularity of the … Read this

How to be a professional writer

10 Qualities and Skills you Need to Become a Professional Writer

Every copywriter wants to be recognized and appreciated. It’s the dream of every freelance writer to be highly sought after, whom agencies and business owners fight to hire. So how do you become such a professional content writer? To answer that, you’ll have to look toward writers who already enjoy that status. Think about what … Read this

Sentence structure checker

Best Sentence Structure Checker Tool

Using a good sentence structure checker should be a priority if you want to write professionally. But when it comes to features, only one software can offer what writers need and look for. I tested dozens of writing tools, but none of them worked like Grammarly. It’s a high-quality tool that corrects everything in your text, from sentence … Read this