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If you’re looking for some good spell-checking tools for Facebook posts, messages, and comments when you’re writing on the web, then, you can forget the default browser checking or other tools that never work. That’s simply because they can easily add mistakes and not correct them.

Now, you can start using the Grammarly extension that can be added to your Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser and works instantly. In a few seconds, you can add the tool and start writing correct sentences on Facebook, but also on Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, and all the other social media sites.

Instant Facebook spell check

I tested many tools, and no none of them worked well. A good spell checker for Facebook should work automatically when we start typing words and writing sentences. In addition, it should load fast without making the laptop, the smartphone, or the tablet slower. So, that needs sophisticated algorithms and a powerful infrastructure of servers with super-fast internet connectivity.

That’s why there is only one spell check that you can use on Facebook, and correct your mistakes in real-time.

After visiting the official website page, scroll down a little, and you will find the download links for browsers. After installation, you can test the tool on your Facebook.

If you want to know how to use spell check on Facebook, then you can see the below screenshot from a Facebook account. In that example, you can see where the spell checker tool for Facebook adds a simple letter in the writing area (editor), letting you know that your text is protected and scanned in real-time.

That happens automatically when you start typing on Facebook to get more shares, exposure, and success with the best posts.

This recommended English grammar checker tool scans the content for punctuation and spelling errors. Then, it highlights the wrong words or punctuations to correct. Also, this online spell-checker tool is faster than the others and easier to use, and it corrects lots of mistakes that other software can’t even detect.

How to enable spell check on Facebook?

By default, Grammarly is a powerful spell-checking for Facebook comments and posts. And, of course, you don’t need to edit anything. If you’ve disabled the Facebook option by mistake, you can easily re-enable it by clicking the green letter “G” that appears at the bottom right corner of your post or message area.

Then, you will get a pop-up window that lets you enable, or disable the Grammarly functions like the following example. It’s the Writing Style customization dashboard.

Customizing the writing style

Furthermore, the tool can be used with any online, or offline work and website. You can use it in your Microsoft Office and Word documents. And you can correct all your errors easily and without the need to copy and paste them into other tools.

In addition, to check your writing for spelling issues, Grammarly has an intelligent sentence breakdown tool. That checks every single phrase you write and highlights any wrong structure, which clarifies the meaning.

How to turn on spell check in Messenger?

As Messenger is the number one messaging app that Facebook developed and manages, millions of people are using it every day. So, there is no excuse for not checking what you write when you message someone on Facebook. A single mistake or typo can make things different and completely change the meaning of the sentences you write.

Now, to turn on the spell checker in Messenger, you need to have Grammarly already installed on your web browser or in the system.

To verify if the spell-checking feature is enabled or not, open Facebook Messenger and start writing. Then, you’ll see a small Red or Green icon on the bottom right corner of the text editor. Red color means there are spelling or grammar issues, and Green means your writing is correct. Just hover over any of them, and Grammarly will suggest the right correction.

How to turn on spell check in FB Messenger

Accurate spell checker for Facebook and social media

When you write a post on Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, or any other social network, you feel the pleasure of writing without mistakes. This good and accurate Facebook spell checker tool lets you create easy-to-read content. Best of all, your followers and friends will enjoy reading the phrase or posts without errors.

That looks professional, and that’s important if you are using your Facebook page for professional purposes. So, you will correct your English grammar and conjugation mistakes with one click when you write a new Facebook post, or when you reply to your friend’s posts on Facebook or any other website.

Please note that the new version of the software is more advanced. So, it loads quickly compared to the old tool. At the same time, they’ve released an amazing change in the online editors. Now, you can use the editor in a pop-up window when you’re writing.

Facebook spell checker app demo

All you have to do is to click the “G” letter in your text editor. Next, you will get suitable suggestions and proofreading tools.

If you want to use the full features of this powerful software, you can try Grammarly and test all the features. The premium version is better. You will notice a significant change in your writing skills for the better. Even if you’re a professional writer, you will spend a long time correcting your errors, but with this English grammar checker tool, you will find yourself in a good situation with error-free writing.

Have you used any other spell checker for Facebook or writing in general? If yes, make sure to share your ideas; we’d like to hear from you. There are many users who use different tools, and that way, everyone knows about them.

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